Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Forehead Slap

My boys are major scooter addicts. Usually, I grab a book or magazine and sit on the front porch while they zoom up and down the street at lightening pace. Well, today, they wanted to venture out a bit further so I threw on my running shoes and off we went. We flew up to the local tot lot then right on past to the middle school where they are doing some work on the fields that once were there. There is an old concrete track and in the middle, there are huge mountains of dirt. The boys went around the track twice on the scooters while I ran then they played happily on the dirt mountains while I continued to run around the track. When they announced they were done, they scooted home while I ran. In all, I think I got in about 3.5 miles...not bad for a day when squeezing a run in seemed impossible! All I kept thinking was, "Summer is just about over and I'm just coming up with this plan now?!" Just goes to show, a little creativity can go a long way!

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Kimberly said...

Our local high school track is under construction at present, but instead of sitting in a parking lot watching Harry ride his bike, I also laced up my running shoes today and we hit the open road (or sidewalk rather). It wasn't exactly a long run, but I also got in my 3.5. Better than sitting!