Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Getting Back Into Shape

Recovering from pregnancy can be tough. For some of us, especially those who may be a bit, uh, top heavy, running may not be enough. Running might tone your legs, but what about your arms, chest, etc. I am a BIG fan of Pilates and have been since before people knew how to pronounce it, but I've also got a need for speed. I found just the thing: Postnatal Power Tae Bo Workout! Don't laugh. It works! It's not so high speed that I'm too tired to turn it on after the kids are asleep, and it's not too slow that I fall asleep. And, best of all, it has also accomplished what I thought could only happen through surgery: it's gotten rid of the "side-boob." I'm sure some of you know what I mean. It can make running difficult. After just a few Tae Bo workouts, I've gotten rid of that and have whittled my waist so much that I no longer need to run with banded yoga pants and a tight running tank on top of my sports bra. Three cheers for Shellie Blanks!


Crumbs said...

Ha! "Side-boob"!

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Sounds like a great video!