Thursday, August 14, 2008

Howdy- I'm now a Houston Running Mommy

Hello Running Mommies! I've missed reading your blogs and seeing how everyone is doing with the heat, running, and the uplifts.
We made it to Texas and 80 houses later we bought a foreclosure and will close hopefully next week. At first running trails were very important. Later pools, bedrooms for visiting elderly family, and walking distance schools won out. In the end we were picking up a friend for a play-date who was visiting from KY and saw a foreclosure next door. I peeked in the window and quite honestly the hardwood floors had me at hello. It needs work, but it has the pool, strange floor plan, etc.. but I'll have to run on the street to get to sidewalks, hmmmm. Will this work? I did find a very cool park with running trails in the shade that will entail getting the running stroller in the car.

I've injured my left knee too-- never had this much time off from running in 20 years. I almost thought about becoming a walker and saving the knees (Runner's World insists running does not cause knee problems and I believe them).

Well, I'm off to find some running Moms in Houston who do not think I'm too geriatric to run with. We're civilians now- Army over civilian life lets go!



S. Kimzey Daniels said...

Um,'re not old. My 76 year old grandmother might, on a very bad, very emphesyma-ic sort of day, been considered old.
And trust me, life does, as hard as it is to believe, go on after the military. The Army, the Air Force, the Navy, the Marines...they'll always be there, a very sweet, very delicious memory. But, a memory :) Embrace the civilians.
I lived in Humble for a year but Houston is ABSOLUTELY AND UNBELIEVABLY LARGE...Are you N, S, E or W of the city?
Good luck with the house.

Trice said...

I'm trying to find out how to respond - hope this works. I'm Northwest of Houston. Champions Forest area. I know Humble well. My Dad in law had his medical practice there.

I agree-- definitely life after the military. I have to wean us off acronyms... My husband has no problem.


S. Kimzey Daniels said...

My husband's a vet, too. Good people, the vets.

channelmarker said...

Hey, on a side note....I just word from my reserve unit that those of us who served anytime ( no need to have retired) between 1940- 2002 can get more $$ from Social Security when we reach that age. It is a benefit that has to be requested and is NOT automatic. The DD214 has to be proven. It is suppose to be something like an extra 1,200 a year.....something to look into and look forward to other than grey hair and wrinkles!!

channelmarker said...
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Christy said...

Hi! What area of houston are you in? Was googling "Jog Stroller Running Clubs" and somehow your blog came up!? :) My little boy is 2 mos, so a little too young perhaps for the jog stroller, but as soon as he's ready I'm dying to hit the trails!! :)

TX Runner Mom said...

Hope you're enjoying's darn hot in the summer, but still a great place to live!