Monday, August 04, 2008

Post Vacation Blues

We just returned from a fantastic vacation at the shore and now I'm totally unmotivated to run. It's horrible. I ran 3 times while we were gone. All three were at the beginning of the trip...back when I was still super motivated girl in training. But it didn't take long for the lazy beach days, loads of snacks and zero schedule to turn me into a total slug. I told myself I was getting exercise by slepping the kids and 9 million toys to the beach each day. And we all know how much effort it takes to get 2 kids covered in sun screen...that has to burn at least 300 calories each time! So now that I'm back and it's 95 degrees and humid, how the heck do I get back into it? Short runs? I just know the first time I give it a go, I'm going to start panting one block in and get down on myself. I'll try and look on the bright least I'm tan!


Anonymous said...

Don't go for a run until you get absolutely so disgusted with yourself that you go out and tear the road up.

Crumbs said...

It's okay to be burned out. We've all either been there or will be there. Take a guilt-free break.