Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Re: This is who I am

Before I take the recycling out, I wanted to pass on a book review I read in yesterdays paper. The book is called This Is Who I Am by Roseanne Olson. Haven't seen it myself but I think it's a concept we can all relate to.


Crumbs said...

Thank you for the link. It's just wonderful. I just lost myself in reading the excepts from the book (found at the bottom of the link).

fyi-the link takes you to an error message, but if you look at the right hand column, you'll see the right one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I corrected the link--I hope. If not, it's

Shelley said...

I had seen a reference to this book somewhere else and thought how it would make a great Mother's Day gift for someone.