Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee and checked my email. Guess what I found? My email confirmation that I need to print out and bring with me to Fredericksburg in order to pick up my bib number, etc. Holy crap. I'm totally shaking in my boots!

I haven't had a good run since last Wednesday. I started last week right - had a nice 10 mile run on the weekend, ran 4 on Monday, 6.2 on Wednesday then it all went down hill. I woke up on Thursday with the beginning of a horrible head cold. I tried to run on Friday. Managed a whopping 2 miles before deciding to quit. The 2 miles had several walk breaks in it. It was really awful. I felt horrible. Then on the weekend, I still felt pretty bad plus we had our big trip to Philly to take the boys to the Franklin Institute where they have a Star Wars exhibit going on.

Anyway, I have no idea what happened to Monday and Tuesday this week other than that I'm having a party on Friday night and I've been so wrapped up in the planning and stressing for it that going for a run hasn't even crossed my mind. Until today.

I was already feeling stressed about what errands I needed to try and squeeze in while Quinn was at pre-school and then I got that email and I just flipped out. "I'll never be ready!" I think the stress of party planning plus not having run, my total stress reliever, got the better of me and my mood went down hill fast. I was getting mad at Quinn for not getting dressed fast enough, for not getting his teeth brushed fast enough, for us running late, etc was bad. The plan was to drop him off then head to Costco but once I got to his school, I decided a major intervention was needed so I came home instead, changed into my running gear and headed out. Thank goodness I did. I forgot about the party, the race, everything and just ran for the mental relief and it did me a world of good! I finished 6 miles and felt like I had run 20. I was so happy, so relaxed and all was right with the world again! Did I get all the stuff done that I wanted to? Nope. But I could care less.


cjamern said...

I felt like I was literally having a déjà vu reading your post! I was in the same boat this past 2 weeks due to numerous reasons, my runs have been few and far between and I too was freaking out (I'm a total OCD when it comes to sticking to a plan or schedule in every aspect of my life). But finally jumped back into my running shoes deciding not to stress about running schedules, paces, etc...just to run for the fun of it and hope to do my best at the MCHH. I've got that running buzz back again and hope to feel even better at the MCHH - see you out there! :-) And good luck! You're going to feel amazing when you cross that finish line! :-)

renae said...

Sounds like we have been in the same boat! It is so incredible to me what a mental game this running is!
Yay - I'm so happy to hear about someone else running in the MCHH!!! Good luck to you too!