Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nashville...Here I come!

It's 10pm here in Miami...and I'll be heading to the airport in just 6 hours with two girlfriends. We're headed for Nashville and we're not coming back until we've completed 13.1 miles.

It's been a wavering few months for us. Between the three of us there has been a job lost, a smashed up car, a return to the workforce, overtraining and undertraining, an impending move, perhaps a new child; celebrations and defeats. Or since we consider ourselves runners: uphills and downhills. So I find it fitting that we're headed to our last race together (so we think) in a town whose course has what we "Flat Staters" call mountains.....because hopefully we'll notice that other people are just running up and down hills....and we'll go home and deal with our situations the same way.

(by the way: Good Luck Shelly - I hope you have a great race!)


seeAndreaRun said...

Crumbs, I really love this post! Beautifully written and inspirational. Have a fabulous race and give us a race review afterwards!!!

Shelley said...

Hey there Crumbs. I've been missing in action lately and will post about that soon, but I was right there with you here in Nashville. I just wish I would have been a better host and met up with you and your girlfriends. Hope you had a good experience here in Music City!