Friday, April 25, 2008

It is about the snack after all.

Last night I was in charge of the after baseball game snack. I am always tense about this because I think it really sends the wrong message to give kids junk food after a sporting event. I have banned all items containing red dye 10 years ago, but people keep trying to feed my kids red juice. I've brought watermelon a few times, nuts, usually pretzels, always water... blah blah. As I contemplated how this has been bothering me for 10 years now (all the snacks at school/every where you turn really add to the obesity issue I think)-- I went back to 2003 and my finish at the NY City Marathon. I had a tough time of it compared to the year before in Houston and was definitely fussy. I was 45 minutes beyond what I expected to finish and just really cranky. As I came into the finish area-- a water bottle was thrust in my hands, but no bagel, no banana, no orange. I kept walking the mile to meet my family (and nurse my baby)- still no food. It was 4pm. I had not eaten anything but gels for 10 hours. I was a nursing-running Mom. I was downright hungry and I guess I'm writing this because I have never forgiven NY for not having any goodies for me. I'm sure they had all run out by my late arrival.

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Anonymous said... are the dreaded HEALTHY SNACK MOM. I agree completely with your determination to provide healthy snacks but, as you have illustrated, the disappointment of the snackee is severe letdown.