Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ive been silent because I havent been running.

Ive lost my ME-TIME later in day and just am NOT one of those run-in-dark-with-reflective-gear folks (are you? tell me about it!).

I keep telling myself that a jaunt on a treadmill will do until this streak of Toddler Up At 5a ends (wont bore ya with the story).

what WILL I bore you with?

click the dots above and read about the cool new biodegradable running shoes by Brooks.

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Anonymous said...

I keep reading this post. It makes me...I don't know, kind of wistful.

I know this is going to sound crazy, Carla, but just enjoy the heck out of your little girl. I know it blows that it seems like your forgetting who you are, but just trust that everything is happening the way it should be happening. When she grows up, that's it, she's grown up. An old woman once told me, "enjoy the time" and I thought she was certifiable. But it's true. Take every moment and recognize it for what it's trying to give you.

Maybe your me-time is being redefined.