Saturday, May 03, 2008

Feed the Machine

So, when I take the kids running in the jogging stroller, I always remember to pack them a snack for the ride, but I rarely pay enough attention to what I am going to eat before a run. Well, we went jogging the other morning not too long after doing the 28-week glucose test and that was a good run! I think that the very yummy orange drink is equivalent to at least 3 or 4 Gu packs.

One would think that it would not be hard to remember which pre-run foods worked well, but I find that I often forget. That I've eaten cold pizza before running more than once proves that. I think that it is time to actually write a list of "Go Foods" and hang it on the fridge. PB: good; oatmeal: good; yogurt: bad; Cheerios: useless.

What do you eat before morning runs?


Crumbs said...

funny about the pizza.
I'm a double shot latte kind of runner.

Kimberly said...

I like to eat spaghetti or lasagna the morning of a big race. Cereal: I laugh at you! (I'm not so good at feeding myself for short runs).

carla said...

I dont eat before if it is truly my morning run (530? 6?)
any time after 8 I need to eat something ANYTHING first.


SeeKatyRun said...

PB&J on whole wheat and a Coke -- good stuff!

Shelley said...

A banana works wonders for me.