Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This last month, I've really struggled to get my running act in gear.  Like everyone, I've had a few challenges.  Want to hear them?  Oh, yes, of course you do.

First, I moved the family to a new state.  And I mean that literally.  Since my husband was working crazy hours, I pulled off a one-woman show packing nearly the entire house, single-handedly loading the ABF truck.....and then upon arriving, unloading and unpacking.  

Second, all previous running experience had been in flat terrain.  I think I moved to the Alps, by mistake.  Every workout seems like a hill workout.

Third, I went from knowing 75% of people out my hometown trail, to not knowing anyone.  Luckily, I know this great website to hook me up with some running partners, but my call to arms legs has yielded zero running buddies.  I have faith.  Hey - if you're in Austin, looking for a Sunday morning running partner, join my new group.

But, I've been here 6 weeks now and things are turning around.  Thanks to a Meetup.com mom's group, I found one daytime running partner who has shown me trails that gently roll up and down rather than the others where I need crampons & harnesses.  She, however, presents a new challenge: I swear she has roller skates on.  I love it though - I'm moving faster than I ever thought I could.

Finally, this week, the locals felt like they could finally let me in on a little secret about this amazing town.  Turns out, not only is it the "Live Music Capital," it's ranks the "Worst City for Allergies," too!   Didn't know I had allergies until recently.  Locals just looked at my puffy eyes and hacking green phlegm and simply chuckled "You must be new around here."

But - come Hell or Highly Swollen Glands, I am a runnin'.  I'm a running and a running and a running.  And if I survive then next 4 days, then I'll survive the Army 10 Miler.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, it would be such an awesome experience to run in the Alps! Have you ever seen them? Magnifico! And the air is so unbelievably fresh and pure.

Not your point, I know.

runjen said...

You are in Austin? We just got back from there and loved it!
Too bad we are so far away b/c I'd join your little running group in a heartbeat! I am also strugging to find a daytime group.