Monday, September 08, 2008

New! Improved!

The crazy zoning in this town required that my girl change schools. She was really apprehensive about. It seems that some kids had painted a picture of bullying and rampant drug use for her. None of it true. It is an amazing school and she loves it. The best part is that she gets to ride her bike everyday to and from. Daddy took her shopping and she hooked herself up with this really great red retro Huffy with white fenders and white wall tires. It is so rockin, the only bike like it at the bike rack. She has to cross two major streets and, since the cross guards aren't yet on duty, ol' Mom here laces up and runs with her. Not much of a run as far as distance, but the speed...let me tell you, when she feels like she's behind schedule then, hooboy, Mama's got to get some game on.

Also, we have become vegetarians and are on our way to being vegans. Our original reasons were for health, but we now find ourselves settling quite nicely into this wonderful and inspiring lifestyle. Last night I made the most delicious portobello burgers ever. The daughter was not excited in the beginning. She definitely played the part of victim with relish (no pun intended--get it, I'll have a victim with relish--okay, not funny. I've been pushing my brain to put together a plot all day and this fatigue of thought is the result) I'd really like to blog about the whole vegetarian thing and I will as soon as I get this darn book that I've been working on finished. In November I'll have been working on it for four years. It's funny the route a book takes to get written. I am such a slow writer.

I'm babbling.


Kimberly said...

Great to hear the school change went well! You don't live in Fairfax county, do you?
I've already heard those sorts of things about bullying and rampant drug use in area schools. I am glad to hear that her experience is better, and I hope it will be for my kids.
Good like with turning Vegan. I was for a while, but I'm from NJ and they make it tough! These days, it is so much easier though! There are so many options. Except for seafood, I still try to make vegan choices whenever possible, and my son is a part-time vegan. It's so nice to have someoen else get excited about Soy Ice Cream and Tofu Nuggets! I love him! He's my shopping buddy at My Organic Market!

Anonymous said...

We aren't Vegan yet. Just moving in that direction. I feel so much better! And I know this sounds really wacky, but my DREAMS at night are so much more pleasant. I guess my attitude is seeping into my subconscious.
I'm a native Texan. Every time I try to leave, I end up coming right back. I guess someone has to explain to everyone the right (or left) way of doing things ;)

Kimberly said...

That totally makes sense about your dreams. Your body isn't polluted. You are motivating me to get back to healthier eating. I did stop at My Organic Market and picked up some "whole food" vitamins. Not the $45 bottle, but a cheaper one on teh same shelf. I finally stopped refilling teh prenatals and teh Flinstones weren't doing it for me. Anyway, I have so much energy today! I ran 8 miles! Yaaay healthy stuff! Yaaaay Texas! I love that place.