Monday, September 15, 2008

In Case You Need Some Inspiration:

Check out the blog of 29 year old Triathlete, Rebecca. She just completed the Duke 1/2 Ironman, coming in 2nd in her age with the AMAZING time of 5 hours 21 minutes, a personal best even.
Cool, huh?
Did I mention she gave birth to her daughter in January 2008?

A race like that is pretty time consuming. But she has some great posts describing how she squeezes sessions in.

"...if I need to do a run longer than 30min, I do the first part outside and once I get home I put her down for a nap and then hop on the treadmill with the baby monitor."
"I start my ride during her first nap of the day. Once she wakes up, she starts her own session in the Jumperoo which sits next to me in the garage while I bike. Her Jumperoo tolerance has decreased from 40min to 20min so most of my rides are only about an hour long. I did go longer today though and got 1hr 27min. My trick was to haul the Pack 'n Play out to the garage so she played in that for about 20 mins. It helps that I have playlists on YouTube of all her favorite kid music such as Laurie Berkner and the theme to WonderPets."

Anyhow, I dig this Ironmanmom.


Rebecca DeWire said...

Hi there,
I just checked your blog to see what you are up to and was left totally speechless by your recent post. I feel beyond honored to see that I am the subject of a blog on inspiration. Seeing this post has left me with a feeling that is even better than crossing the finish line with a PR.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca definitely rocks.

Lora said...

I'm signed your comment "Miz" but I'm directed here...this is you, right? (the cartoon pic looks the same!)

About Oprah - I didn't turn her down. I went, was on the show (one of those guests they mike up in the first row) and came home a tad flustered.

I felt a little "had" because the show was about mid-life crisis & I was under the impression that the all the guests were in the same "boat" so to speak. Not until I was seated, did I realize the other women were "success" stories - turned thier lives around and are now wildly successful. I was the poster child for midlife failure and the launching pad for the new book Maryann Williams was promoting. (I'm a NOT a fan of Maryann - she's somewhat of a crackpot - gets her revelations from channeled spirits and all that hoopla.)

Still - it was fun and I don't regret it. Fielding all the phpne calls from friends and family after it aired - asking if I was "okay" - the show painted me pretty dire (which I'm not!) was not as much fun.

The post you're looking for is Feb 21st I think. I was told to keep somewhat mum about the experience on my blog for whatever reason. The associate producer (a true sweet heart - I loved her!) was keeping tabs on my blog.