Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Illusion of Choice

Back to my blog's original mission: how to get your kids to sit in the jogging stroller! Dealing with children and adults alike, the most persuasive of people understand that you have to give the illusion of choice. Make them come to believe it was their idea all along. The key factor is only giving choices with outcomes that you are happy with.
Imagine! I sometimes meet some resistance from my 2-year-old when we are loading up the stroller for a run. I offer, "Spencer, do you want the big streets or little streets?" He answers, "Big streets!" Do you want to bring Goldfish or Cheerios? OK, we're off.
Now, the most likely pitfall is that your child will change his or her mind. Don't show a minute's hesitation. Be firm. No changing.
What other choices do your kids like to make for themselves?


channelmarker said...

I use incentives such as....they LOVE juice boxes but I really don't like them do to the waste they produce....we compromise. Juice boxes are for stroller time only. I do the same for gummies. Also, the ONLY time they are allowed to touch my Ipod is in the stroller. For them, stroller time is when all the cool things are allowed. It works great. My 3 1/2 year old actually bugs me to go for a run!

StrollerFittin2 said...

I have my old Ipod that I have all my little ones' favorite songs on. I have them all in one playlist and have a little portable and zippered:) speaker system. Put the playlist on repeat and I'm good to go and so are they:)

Anonymous said...

After my run, I take the dog to the trail for some freestyle exercise, then I let my (18 month old) boy walk and explore--a German friend of mine called it Spazieren Stehen (walking standing) instead of Spazieren Gehen (going for a walk). It's an important routine for all of us.

Rebecca DeWire said...

My daughter is 8 months and luckily loves the jogger. I am sure as she gets older she may protest. Thanks for all of these helpful hints.

Crumbs said...

I give my 3 1/2 year old a spray bottle filled with water. His job is to shoot other runners with it (on hot days).