Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good Morning

It's 6:15 am.  I'm waiting for the coffee that I prepped last night to brew.  My house doesn't usually wake up for another hour and a half or so, but today is Sunday: my long, slow run day.

It's my ultimate "Me time".  This morning it's 12 miles listening to my feet plod down the street.   I hate the first 2 minutes of waking up, but then my mind is ready to shuffle out the door.  All my stuff is laid out, all I have to do is finish my coffee and put it on.

By mile 6 my head will come up with brilliant things to write on here.  Too bad I'll forget them by mile 10.

One last sip.  Bye.


Miss + Sized Girl said...

I always envy morning exercisers but Im totally loving that line, "I hate the first two minutes of waking up but then my mind is ready to shuffle out the door" I need to keep those words with me tomorrow at 6am!

I hope you had a great run!

Kimberly said...

I envy people whose families sleep late. Mine are up at the crack of dawn...if I get up before them it wakes them. I love morning work outs, but it's hard for me to get out in the morning. I'm learning to become an evening exerciser...but I do seem to end up doing long runs around noon in the blaring sun. Eck!

Anonymous said...

Routines can seem so mundane...but they are essential. Maintaining a routine keeps everyone else believing that there is purpose to all this blandness, it keeps me believing there is purpose to all this blandness.
If I don't do it, how's it going to get done? I ask myself that every moment of everyday.
I don't think my comment matches the purpose of your blog, but it's what I saw when I read it.

morgan said...

I am also an early morning runner (or cross and strength trainer -- depending what is on my schedule). This morning I did not wake up at 5am (because I ran the Philadelphia half-marathon yesterday), and I feel strange because my routine is off. It is as if I have not quite woken up yet (and it is after 9am). Routines work -- and then we come to need them. The key to early morning running is having everything set the night before so you just have to wake up and throw the gear on.

Kimberly said...

I need to get my gear out! Good advice!