Monday, September 08, 2008

Book Recommendations

This could also be called "How to Get Motivated to Do Crazy Hard Athletic Stuff".

You probably don't have tons of time for pleasure reading, but if you can squeeze a page in while on the elliptical machine at the gym or one chapter at a time after the kids go to bed, I highly recommend these books I've read recently:

The Perfect Mile by Neal Bascomb
Ultimate Fitness by Gina Kolata
Swimming to Antarctica by Lynne Cox
Why We Run: A Natural History by Bernd Heinrich
Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-night Runner by Dean Karnazes

None of the are how-to books. There are no training plans or diets. Just stories about athletes. I'm sure there are many others that I just can't think of at the moment.

What books you would recommend to inspire one's inner athlete?


Crumbs said...

Great list! I'd like to pick some of those up. I need some inspiration....

I'd recommend: CC Pyle's Amazing Foot Race by Geoff Williams about the 1928 race from CA to NY.

S. Kimzey Daniels said...

As a sixteen year old I read this great book called, Peak Performance and it was all about focusing, focusing, focusing by way of meditation. It turned me on to meditation and mental floating. I have never been able to find the book again.

See Mom Sweat said...

I've read three of the five... all great. I'll add to the list:

The Inner Athlete by Dan Millman
No Ordinary Moments by Dan Millman
The Runner and the Path by Dean Ottati
Touching the Void by Joe Simpson

Now, if we could just find more time to read!!!

Suzie said...

I dont know Im totally hooked on trashy romance novels. Its true I admit it

S. Kimzey Daniels said...

I checked out Ultimate Fitness from the library. It seems to be a pretty comprehensive, non-judgemental, history of how we have come to view our bodies as we have. Thanks for the heads-up.

nmburleson said...

These books sound great! Have to check them out. Thanks for the suggestions!