Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Psychosomatic Response to Poorly Mixed Energy Drinks

There are some energy drinks (gels, bars, etc.) that are only really palatable when you really need it in the midst of a workout. And then there is that same energy drink mixed with the incorrect powder to water ratio. I'm sure you've encountered it at random water stops along a race course. You might grimace a little, but it is that or nothing, so you gag it down. But now let's say that you were really hurting at that point in the race - totally overexerting yourself - maybe you even yack it up at the finish (sorry), but my point is, every time you drink it in the future, that is the moment you remember, right? And it just never tastes good again.

So, flash ahead to the day my third child was born. My loving and supportive husband (who, by the way, hates anything and everything to do with food preparation) was tasked with bringing stuff to drink because I was busy BEING IN LABOR. Anyway, he mixed it wrong. You know that overly dilute bitter taste. Yeah.

So now that I'm back on my B game, we came home from a ride and mixed up some Accelerade but, as it turns out, he still doesn't measure anything. Wow. Total recall of being in labor. Still tastes bad, but at least the baby is really cute.

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Crumbs said...

I know exactly what you mean!!
Bummer you have a flavor hardwired to a labor memory- that's far worse than say, just a bad run.