Thursday, March 12, 2009

Marathon Brain

A week from Sunday, I will be running my first full marathon. The Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. Gulp. One week. I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. Remember right after having kids, you would forget stuff and felt like you were in a cloud 99.9% of the time and people would refer to it as "mommy brain"? Well, I have what I can only assume is "marathon brain". I'm seriously floating around in a different world. Every other day, I have to slap my forehead and remind myself of all the day to day things that still need attending to.

My youngest son is turning 6 next Friday. I'm having his party Friday evening, the day before I leave for VA Beach for the marathon. And oh yeah, might want to send out invitations, order a cake and get goodie bags put together. My marathon mush brain is in full effect. I had totally forgotten all the stuff I needed to do! So yesterday, I got all the invitations together, addressed, stamped and mailed. After I mailed them, I realized I didn't put the return address on any of them...whatever, no biggie right? Yeah. No biggie until I realized that I put .39 stamps on them. When the hell was the last time I mailed something?? Marathon brain. So my husband says, "Don't worry about it, they'll get returned by tomorrow or Friday and you can just resend them." Um, yeah honey, that would be true and great and all if I had put the freaking return address on them!!! So. This morning, I am redoing birthday invitations.

Speaking of the birthday boy, he got off the bus with a low grade fever yesterday. He konked out on the couch for 2 hours and woke up with a temp of 101. Obviously no one likes to see their kid sick but right now, I have to admit, this has me way more freaked out than normal because I'm terrified that I'm going to get his bug. He is coughing up a storm, laying on the couch and generally looks miserable. I am a week away from a marathon! Ack! Aside from putting him in a bubble, or me for that matter, I just don't know how I can prevent getting it. Especially since I'm a wee bit stressed out right now which I know opens me up to the bug.

Anyway, last evening, I wrote a quick email to the school letting them know he'd be home today. In my address book, 'absentee' comes right after 'Andrea' so guess where marathon brain clicked? Yup. Andrea. As in Andrea Vincent the fantastic woman behind SeeMommyRun and who I most want to be when I grow up. I'm sure she feels bad for me that my kid is sick, but I'm also sure I didn't need to send her an email letting her know that he'd be out of school today. Helllooo marathon brain.

And here is one more example that marathon brain should be in all medical dictionaries. Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day but since it was so nice out, I decided to run the 6 that, according to the schedule I am following, is on tap for today. I got out there on the path and was a little over a mile out when I realized that I didn't lock the truck. My gym bag with wallet, phone and house keys were in there. Marathon brain. So at 1.5, I turned and literally sprinted back to the car 100% sure that my stuff would be gone. Thankfully it was still there. So much for my 6 miles.

I only hope that my family can survive one more week of MWMB - Mommy With Marathon Brain. It's a wonder they have been fed.


Crumbs said...

Hysterical! Just think, you'll have so much to review and giggle about during your run, that it will go by quicker!
Good luck on your run!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute...if you wrote a book, I would buy it!

Crumbs said...

Good Luck this morning! Don't forget to give us a race report!

Jennifer said...

How did the marathon go? I love your posts