Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Feet

Greetings on this fine Tuesday in early March. Today I went to pick up the running shoes I called the local running store to have shipped in for me. I usually buy online after I love my shoes. Last year I got caught in Memphis with no shoes and went into a store and bought per their recommendations and the shoes were ok, but not great. Today I learned new things. Despite my very flat feet-- I do not overpronate. I always thought I did and made a big deal about buying running shoes for motion control and stability. These tend to be stiff. I do need cushion because of all the pavement running. It was great. The gal at the store was a runner and knew what she was talking about. Since I have a neuroma, flat big feet -I'm kind of sensitive about running shoes. I have not been evaluated since 1997-- did not realize feet could change. Of course 3 kids later and yes, my feet got bigger with each pregnancy and despite the fallen arches I can use neutral shoes. Lots of rambling, but bottom line is it is good to go in and get on the treadmill with maybe more than one pro and really spend some time there. Blue skies!


Crumbs said...

The right shoes make all the difference! Glad you found yours.

HopeFool said...

I just ordered running shoes online after reading about 3 or 4 hours worth of guides about it. I also have flat feet and I am assuming I over-pronate because of that, and because all of the shoes I have bought in the past feel crooked on my heels.

I know you're supposed to go in and have running shoes properly fitted, but my feet are so big stores don't generally carry my size.

So I took a chance and bought some motion control New Balance online that were recommended on a few running sites. Wish me luck.

I know this is rambling, but I just learned to speak "running shoe" over the weekend and I couldn't help myself.

Trice said...

My feet are a size 11 for running shoes. I measure a 101/2-- they do carry 11's and 12's. I used to care, but now am over it. Only when those size 7 ladies are beside me do I care. Pedicures help. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm an Asics Gel 2130 kind of a gal. That's what my favorite X-country coach wore, it's what I wear. Love 'em.