Friday, March 27, 2009

Need some Advice

Hello!  I need some help from all the running moms!

I'm am 11 weeks pregnant and have celebrated my "First 2 Days Without Being Sick in a Public Place" by signing up for a 10k fun run this weekend.  (I'm Crazy!)
I'll be pushing my 4 year old in the stroller so my goal is to finish!  Thankfully, there is a costume contest, so if I turn green I could win a prize!

Anyhow - My question is this: what, if anything, do you consume on your runs?  Is there anything that I can not have?  I love to drink NUUN, but it has sorbitol which I'm pretty sure is off-limits.
I also love Gookinaid, but am not sure if it's okay.  What about Gu?  
Cliff Blocks seem like there okay because, well, they say organic and I'm a sucker for advertising (love their new shot block packaging BTW!). 
I never really drink Gatorade well, I don't know why. Ironically, it always seemed like just corn syrup-water to me...although, I kind of know sugar-water is kind of what ALL of the things are.

I know "Ask Your Doctor" is the best advice, but I go to midwifes who aren't necessarily athletic.  I really trust moms who've been there first.  So, any advice?

Vitalyte (a.k.a Gookinaid) answered my question as to whether or not it was safe during pregnancy (very promptly, I might add!) with the following:

Dear Crumbs,

Thank you for contacting Vitalyte.

Yes, Gookinaid Hydralyte and Vitalyte are safe products for you and your baby.

In fact, Vitalyte has many benefits for mother and baby. Many women find that Vitalyte helps prevent and manage morning sickness. The balance of electrolytes in Vitalyte can help prevent some of the potential complications of pregnancy.

So, yes, please enjoy Hydralyte and Vitalyte as your baby develops.

For more information about Vitalyte during pregnancy, you may wish to consult one of the science articles on our website. From the home page, go to Hydration 101, then Science Articles, then Dehydration in Pregnancy and Morning Sickness.

Best Wishes to you and Baby.

Dr. Bloch


Gu Energy is NOT suitable for pregnant women according to THIS WEBSITE


runningfor3 said...

If you are only running 10K, just drink water!

Einstein said...

I would agree with running for 3. You would want to watch the caffeine content (GU entergy) the max recommended safe amount of caffeine during pregnancy is 200mg.
On the american pregnancy association website they say sorbitol is ok but Saccharin and Stevia are not. Sorry if it's too much info. I'm at work so it's pretty each for me to research it. I drank Mix 1 with my last pregnancy esp when I was having nausea (most of the time). Congratulations on baby number 2 and good luck on your fun run.

Crumbs said...

Thanks guys - I guess I wasn't thinking straight because the last few races I've done have been 13.1+ runs. But, on a good day, it takes me over an hour to do a 10k, so I feared I'd be out there for 2 hours while pushing my son in the stroller!
Anyway - it went well. My boy got out to run every 1/4 mile or so, so it ended up being 1 1/2 hours.

Thanks for the advice!