Monday, December 06, 2010

Water Not Best For Hydration (huh?)

When you're working out, isn't it best to drink water to hydrate? Not so, according to sports and fitness expert Matt Fitzgerald. He says sports drinks are better due to the sodium and electrolyte. In fact, he has replaced some of the old beliefs about hydration and replaced them with his "New Rules." For more of an explanation, check out his article:
New Rules of Hydration

Old: Drink ahead of your thirst.
New: Drink according to your thirst.

Old: Aim to completely prevent dehydration.
New: Aim to slow dehydration.

Old: Use either a sports drink or water for hydration.
New: Use a sports drink instead of water.

Old: Protein exacerbates dehydration.
New: Protein enhances hydration.

Old: Caffeine exacerbates dehydration.
New: Caffeine does not affect dehydration.

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