Thursday, November 06, 2008

You Are So Inspiring!

Yes,  YOU.

You, a mother who finds time to fit in runs between diaper changes, or feedings, or driving your kids to soccer practice.  You, who was so busy looking for your family when you crossed the finish line that you forgot to stop your watch .   You, who stayed up until midnight to make tomorrow's school lunches so you'd have time in the morning for a tempo run.  You, who carries all your running partners keys and water bottles in your stroller because you've got room.

You are pretty cool...and inspiring.  And I'm sure you've got some running tips you've discovered along the way that other moms would find interesting.

Marathon Mama wants to hear from you.  She's writing the book we've all been waiting to read.

The purpose of the book is to illustrate the ways that running and motherhood transform each other. The book looks at the connections that mother-runners draw between these two aspects of their lives, in terms of their day-to-day experience, identities, and sense of community.

So, go on - check out her blog for more details and offer your story.  

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