Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Confessions of a Baker Runner

When my child was born, I discovered that I didn't have to fight in the corporate world any longer and I could do what I enjoyed: Baking (hence the pen-name).  I've mostly been a black-market baker, baking and selling out of my home kitchen, but I've also worked in a cafe.   I have a less-than-healthy relationship with Sugar, Flour and, most of all, Butter.  As I always say: I love baking, so I've learned how to love running.

Now that I've settled into a new town, I don't have the connections I once did.  Besides, baking in my rental home with an inconsistent oven is much more difficult.  So, I've found a proper job in a proper kitchen.  

Here's where reality has turned itself on its head.  Now, it's no longer "I love baking, so I've learned to love running."  Now it's, "I love running and is baking going to get in the way of this?"

Now that I'll be working out of the home for 4 days, in the wee-running-hours-of-the-morning, will I be able to keep up with my training, have enough energy for my 3 1/2 year old,...oh, and remember what my husband looks like?  Do you see how crazy my priorities are?!?  I'm actually trying to figure out if I'll have enough time to commute to work on foot.

I'm a cookie monster!!!!  

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Anonymous said...

Your priorities look pretty all right to me. As a matter of fact, they sort of resemble my own. Running = Sanity