Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rut Mommy Rut--

I have been avoiding this site as I've been in a rut since August. I think I've run a total of 6 times and maybe did Bodypump 10 times in that time. I'm afraid of the scale, but mostly I think I've lost my identity. Running is really my identity. An old boyfriend looked me up on email-- he was a sweetie and in the 20 years since we've spoken I've surely done a lot, but I mentioned running two marathons as important. How very odd. I did send back pics of the husband and kids so I'm not completely shallow.

I think there is a Mommy Running group near me. I'm going back to the web site and sign up now. My almost 2 year old would like it and weather is no excuse here. Funny thing is I'm not 200lbs. Surely I thought I'd be 200lbs plus if I were not frantically running around. I'm happier running though and do not have my fallback of living among an athletic community to inspire me. It has to come from inside me. Ok, here goes, time for me to sign up!!! I'm going to find a turkey trot too.


seeAndreaRun said...

ditto! I cannot get my groove back ever since my last marathon in february. February! I kept running for a while but was not enjoying it. Now I'm running once a week. Like you, running has become my identity. Now I'm feeling lost! I've been reading way too many articles that running keeps on those last few pounds. That put me over the edge. Those pounds are GONE. Weird. And not very motivational. Shouldn't have even mentioned it here I bet!! At any rate...running relieves my stress. My big, huge ball of stress. Gotta get running again. HELP!!!!!!!!

Trice said...

Hi Andrea,
I think maybe I eat too much when I'm running that is really the cause. Running uses up energy we do not really have extra of during the Mommy years. I've got to pay attention. I'm lifting you up in prayer!

channelmarker said...

So glad it isn't just me!!!
Lets meet like this more often on the blog!! I've been trying to figure out to set up chat rooms for multiple people to join a conversation. Unfortunately, I am somewhat computer challenged!!! ANy suggestions?

Trice said...

I'm always amazed when my comments post. I'm not sure if I'm replying back to the person or not.
Things are better. I had a good -really good run yesterday out in an orchard with 4 dogs and beatiful weather. Saves on the knees too. I signed me, my 10 year old son, and husband for a Houston Turkey Trot. The 14 folks for dinner may not like my priorities though...