Sunday, November 09, 2008

let me tell you something

Man - What a run!  Yesterday, oh around 3pm, I decided to sign up for the Keller Williams Run For the Water 10 Miler happening 7am today (Sunday).  You see, I'm running San Antonio's Rock & Roll Half Marathon next weekend and I needed to get one last 8-10 mile run in...only I knew I was going to be HIGHLY unmotivated to run on this morning if I went out on my own.  I haven't convinced anyone to join my See Mommy Run long run group yet, so normally I'm covering milage all by myself.  I'm tired of my thoughts.  I don't find myself witty.  

Plus, extinguishing what little ambition left flickering was the Dead Milkmen.  My FAVORITE Band for all those pivotal teen years, was putting together a reunion show on Saturday night in AUSTIN of all places.  How could I not go see them?!?!?!*  SO- a late night and a boring run didn't seem to add up to 8-10 miles in the morning.  

A race would be the only thing getting me through it.  And MAN what a run it was:  a long view of the lake, rolling hills, a few challenging climbs, and Jr. High kids dishing out sarcasm with the cups of water.
Of course, I drove the people around me crazy with my incessant need to talk (sorry!  I'm backlogged!)  I took it really easy, knowing next week I want to turn on my jets.  This was, after all still supposed to be just a training run.  Turns out, all those hill and speed workouts I've been doing are really making a difference:  I was taking my sweet time (and walk breaks) yet still came in 10 minutes faster than I expected.  Here's to hoping it's a good sign for next week!

*They lived up to my imagination and I'm not afraid to say jumping jesus on a pogo stick...i like you.

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