Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That's your baby, Mama

The first time we flew together, she was one year old and two days. That flight was from Frankfurt, Germany to Dallas, Texas followed by a puddle-jump to Midland. The first flight, from Frankfurt, was over 9 hours long and the little angel didn't fall asleep until 45 minutes before the plane landed. She didn't fuss and scream, she was just awake and very alert and in the final stages of learning to walk. The armrests were perfect, and so we toddled...up and down and up and down...the aisles of that plane for HOURS.
I was a much younger woman then, just beginning to appreciate the beautiful gift of exteme patience being taught to me moment by infuriating moment.
Airline rules were different then, too. I won't write now of my first international flight post 9/11. Just know that I cried once we got past security and into the sequestered area of Frankfurt's airport reserved for airlines of American origin.
A significant change in flying, one that I'm sure would have sent my cup of patience overflowing is the need for child restraints.

I wish you great peace of mind if you are going to be traveling with a young one.


morgan said...
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morgan said...

I did not see this post until after I bought a lighter car seat to travel with my son. However, he is a little too light for this very cool restraint -- 16 1/2 lbs -- but he is 13 months old and an average height. Darn. It may work...