Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beach Running......with the double!!!

Yes!! I am alive! We safely moved to NC and now live on a lovely island. I miss my SMR friends in VA sooooo much. I was afraid my motivation to run would wither up and die.....alas.....It didn't!! I've been hitting the road and beach several times a week and having a great time. Of course, since I am new to the area and have no pre-school to scurry one of the little tikes off to, I am pushing the double stroller. Last week I found a 3 mile route that includes one mile on the beach. Admittably, it is a little struggle to get the stroller over the dry sandy area to the wet compacted sand, but once it is there it is heaven. The little guys like to get out and "run" the beach area which at first I fought, but now we just delight in that part of our "run" until they wear out and climb back in. We re-emerge at the community club house that has an outdoor shower area to rinse off in. At that point I feel like a 16 year old boy with his first car.....I rinse my stroller thoroughly, then once home I dry her off with a soft cloth as to avoid the corrosion of the salt air....
Anyways, if anyone has any pointers on beach running, I'd love to hear them. In my new community most of the other runners are in their 50s and 60s which makes me the youngster.....gotta LOVE that....maybe that is why my motivation hasn't withered away!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like heaven!!! You've got a guest room, right? Start the car, honey!
But seriously, congrats on finding your bliss.

amy said...

It sounds wonderful! I miss you terribly though :(

Crumbs said...

Check out the "Triathlon Training Blog" - she's been at the beach all week and has some cool tips. Here's one she calls "Sandpiper Plyometrics"

As for advice - Don't run barefoot! And run a like a 10th of what you normally run (working your way up over weeks) - you can get mess up your plantar pretty easily.

Crumbs said...

pardon that last sentence - strike the "get"

channelmarker said...

Of course I have a guest room!!!! My dream is for a SMR race here on the island!!!
Amy, I miss U too!! I could really use a dolphin loop followed by crack coffee!!
And Crumbs, I LOVED that link you sent!!