Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Mommies Blog

To all the wonderful Readers of See Mommy Blog -

It may not be clear if you're stopping by the blog for the first time, but there are over a dozen contributors to the See Mommy Run blog. You might say that it should be called See Mommies Blog. If you look down at the very bottom of each post, you'll see the author's name. Also, a list of us all can be found just to the left.

Just a small explanation for those who wondered if schizophrenia was at play here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. This blog should trailer across the top.

Anonymous said...

Hi, All: I just stumbled upon you tonight, and have to tell all of you that I have not been entertained by a more interesting, funny, intelligent group of women in years. I had a great time reading everything, and you just might inspire me to rejoin the living now that my years being home are winding up. You really all are so gifted in the area of writing, and knowing just what to say to make us feel better. Thank you. I feel very lucky to have come across all of you at this time in my life. Maybe my brain hasn't turned to mush...though my body sure has!!!

Anonymous said...

We are humbled, Anonymous. Thank you.