Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen (if there are any) - I have officially become unrecognizable to my former self, that is, the person I was a decade or two ago. I hold in my hot little hand a "Liftlog," which not only implies that I am lifting weights, but that I plan on doing this on a recurring basis. I know that the old me would openly mock the new me, but I'm okay with that.

Now, if you wouldn't mind, let me have a personal word with the Crumbs of yesteryear:

Dear Crumbs -
At 20 years old, you are a loner in the world, finished with college, following bands from festival to festival, thinking you can make it as an artist. You're filled to the brim with cynicism, have zero tolerance for fashion and think sports are for meat heads. You wouldn't run unless a tiger was chasing you, however you'd probably be too occupied making sure no one hurt the tiger instead.

Well, times are a changin' and you'll soon find happiness in the most unexpected places. You'll discover windsurfing, kayaking and yoga. You'll start using your bike as transport and realize it's kind of fun. Turns out, you'll get married and have a baby (and it won't be snowing in hell).

And more shocking than anything, you'll find joy in running...even when nothing is chasing you. Running will introduce you to a world of new people, new attitudes and an entire sports wardrobe complete with running skirts. Your new friends will sign up for marathons, and you'll join them. Then you'll try a Tri. You'll even run past the tigers at a race at the Zoo. And one day, before you know it, you'll go to the gym and use the weights...but you still won't care if the meat heads think you don't fit in.


Kimberly said...

Hey Crumbs! DO you windsurf? I passed a bunch of rightly colored winsurfers the other day WHILE RUNNING (!) and it looked AWESOME! Is it super tough?

Also glad to hear someone else had zero tolerance for fashion back in the day. I went through a crunchy phase myself and now I feel like I missed out on too many cute outfits wile I was still cute enough to wear them!

Anonymous said...

Fashion?? What's fashion? I don't have time to be fashionable. This blog refers to a similar time in my life when my yearning and refusal to fit in rendered me invisible. Agh! Not invisible anymore. No ma'am. These days I'm almost intimidated by the power I have been able to tap into...the power that's out there for all of us.

Do you really windsurf?

Crumbs said...

I worked at a resort for several years and one of my jobs was to teach windsurfing. I could teach anyone to do it, but I was far from being great. I have a photo somewhere of being 7 months pregnant and teaching the staff how to teach. I left my job shortly after...too friggin' exhausted to keep up that line of work.
I run by a windsurfing vendor Sunday mornings and I daydream about it. Talk about a FULL BODY workout!

@s. kimzey - "invisible" - great description, I think that's the term I might have been looking for!

Live Well said...

Thank you for your blog!

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