Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ashamed Part 2

Here it is:
I decided I WOULD run it........I went out 6 days before the race to see how 10 miles would go and it went FABULOUS!! I was soooooo excited. I felt like I could have continued on the rest of the 3.1 without issue. I couldn't believe I really a runner, be it slow, for real!?!?!

Then life happened. described before, it has been so crazy here, drugs would be justified (LOL)!! I took son #2 to his Peds Cardiologist Electrophysiologist for the final check before moving on his pacemaker ( he has congenital heartblock, on his 3rd pacemaker). This appt should have been very routine with plans for follow on care in NC with a new doc..................Except..............after hooking him up to the computer, we discovered his pacer isn't quite working right and now we are doing more monitoring with probable surgery before we leave for NC, which by the way is in less than 4 weeks.
The original plan was to leave the hospital in DC and drive to Alexandria to pick up my race package. We left the hospital with a heart monitor and drove the 30 miles which took 2 1/2 hours (Friday evening DC traffic) to the package pick up location. My mind was a blurr, not knowing what I was going to do.......still drive the 2 hours to the race the next night before and run....but what about my son being a heart monitor with an appointment the day after the race in DC again.......Plus, he is a tough little guy but these things scare him and he just needed his mom too. Anyway, I was still gonna get that package and then decide exactly how to handle things. I parked across the street from the shop leaving my 11 year old son in the car since he didn't want to be seen by anyone with his monitor ( he thinks it looks like a purse and he is a bit of a manly boy!!)......somewhat still on the adrenaline rush from all that was happening to find out I went to the wrong freaking town!! They offered to give me directions to Arlington, but I just said forget it, obviously Karma was trying to tell me something. Race day was officially cancelled.

I did end up having a friend pick up my package in Annapolis the following day since she lives there, so at least I'll still get the T-shirt for the race I didn't run.

We'll know more Tues when his heart monitor results are evaluated. He is such a great son that being there for him if only to listen or sit near was worth giving up my goal of a first 13.1

PS. Did I tell you my ferret of over 6 years is being euthanized in the morning for his adrenal cancer?! Seriously, I need a break, or a drink!


seeMOMMYrun said...

You should be so proud of yourself for making that sacrifice and decision. You did exactly the right thing. There are plenty of races, plenty of time, and plenty of running paths.

My one big disappoint was not being able to CHEER SO LOUDLY THAT I EMBARRASSED YOU!!!!! I did miss you today at the race. But I got to meet several of the very cool seeMOMMYrun Race Team members, as well as some dear seeMOMMYrun running friends.

THEY RAN THIS ONE FOR YOU (PROUDLY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to take one for the team...sorry to hear about your ferret.

mkight77 said...

I think someone said margarita machine...that wasn't for the hubby anyway, was it?