Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Call to Arms Legs!

"From every continent, all over the world at the very same time, someone will be running with you! Join a truly global community of fellow runners in a free, non-commercial event that celebrates the joy of running, with the challenge of a race! Share your local experience with a world-wide audience of fellow runners in the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon and "Kick the Couch" 5K road race!"

Okay - this is a Call to Arms Legs for those of you who are ready to commit to your first 5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles) or Half Marathon (13.1 miles). This virtual race takes place ANYWHERE you want: your neighborhood, on the first half of the Chicago Marathon, at a local race. You can run the whole way, you can run with set walk breaks, or walk the entire length. YOU choose your challenge.

For an in depth description of this cool race, check out the Extra Mile Podcast
(Episode 23 & 24) here or subscribe on iTunes.

So tell me:
Will you be signing up for "Kick the Couch" 5K?

The World Wide Half Marathon?
or THIS other cool virtual 10K?

We have 11 weeks until the
Phedippidations (pronounced: "Fed-Ip-Id-Aye-shuns") World Wide Race.

Need help with a training plan? Check out Runner's World Smart Coach HERE.

Need training partners? You should already know where to find them!!!! But in case it slipped your HERE.


Anonymous said...

The Woodlands?? Well La-tee-da. Welcome to Texas.

Anonymous said...

OK. Obviously my last comment was posted on the wrong blog.

So, here's my real comment:

AWESOME references! I mean, really. I got lost. I have moved my first half-marathon ambition--more on that later--and am frankly GRATEFUL for the awesome references.

Thank you (actual name much more feminine)
You Rock. Really.