Thursday, July 01, 2010

"What It's Like To Be In the Jogging Stroller"

This summer marks the 7th anniversary of my eldest daughter's first ride in the jogging stroller. In honor of this grand occasion, and in light of one of her summer assignment to "Write a diary, journal or blog entry," here's what she has to say about riding in the jogging stroller:

The best thing about being in the jogging stroller is that you can eat snacks the whole entire ride. I like to go across streams in the jogging stroller because it is fun. If you are wearing shoes, you can jump out and walk across the stepping stones. I like riding in the double stroller better than riding in the single stroller because there's more room. It's better when one parent pushes you in the jogging stroller because you only have one grown up to talk to and you don't get mixed up when the other person tries to talk to you. I prefer riding in the jogging stroller with my little sister [rather than my little brother]. She doesn't talk as much as my brother who is really really annoying. He talks constantly.

I like to run to playgrounds because I love to play at playgrounds! When it is a bumpy ride I like to shout out, "Ahhh," and make my voice sound all bumpy. My least favorite thing about the jogging stroller is when you get squished like a potato when your brother or sister reaches over and punches you. To me it doesn't seem fair when my little brother and sister get to ride, but I have to walk [to school].

If you have to ride in a jogging stroller try to stay to your side. If you have a brother or sister they might punch you. Example: My mom is going to put me in the jogging stroller tomorrow and I am going to bring fruit snacks. You might want to bring a sweater or socks just in case, but I don't like to. It takes more work. That's all. The end.

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