Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stroller Marathon Training*

I'm signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon - again - this year and we are now inside of 16 weeks so I guess I should start making my plan. Like with cooking, I am notorious in my house for finding a recipe and then only sort of following it. Plans are more like inspirations. I used to be a big planner: very detail-oriented and the like. Three kids later...

I have run 5 marathons before - 2 of which have been the Marine Corp. The wrench thrown into last year's training was appendicitis. At least I can count on that not happening again. I figured the first place to start with forming my training plan was considering what I did last time. My husband, who has a knack less for planning and more for recording afterwards as though he planned it all along - has a great athletic log.

A while back I cut out "Marathon Training for Busy People" from Runner's World Magazine. Subtitle: "Running by Time, Not Miles, Lets You Get the Most Out of Every Minute". It peaks with about "6 hours 30 minutes" rather than the more traditional "40 miles" +/-. It allows faster runners to get more miles get the idea. It is, in essence, a very traditional plan, however. It mixes tempo runs with easy runs and long runs on weekends. It has 2 rest days, but little suggestion about cross training.

What I am proposing is entirely different. This year, I am considering running my son to school which is an 11-12 mile round-trip. Three days a week plus just a couple 20-milers on the weekends might do the trick. I really like my gym days despite waking at 4:30 am so that takes up Wed and Fri. Sundays I like yoga after church. I like my schedule, why change it? It is working. I haven't suffered any running injuries. So, here's the gist of my Marathon Training with Jogging Stroller:
Mon 10-12 miles
Tues 10-12 miles
Wed weights gym
Thurs 10-12 miles
Fri weights/bike gym
Sat 15-20 miles
Sun yoga gym

*Not racing with the stroller - the race organizers don't allow it. PLUS I'm not talking about a single stroller with a cute little 15-pounder riding along like those dads that have those record marathon-with-stroller times. I'm using a double stroller with a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old weighing a combined 75 lbs +/-.


morgan said...

I love the plan -- I've trained for marathons with 3-4 days of running and 2-3 days of cross training a week. It works for sure. Good luck with marathon #6! I'm putting off my marathon #5 until 2011 (when I turn 40!).

Susan said...

Your * just made me chuckle. I used to push my single jogger with my 1 year old and think I was getting a good workout. Now Im pushing my double with my 30 lb 2 year old and my 8 week old in her carseat and realizing how easy that single jogger was....