Sunday, November 15, 2009


Tuesday night I got the rare treat of being able to run when my husband got home from work. It was an easy run and so I decided to really attempt to take it easy. I got lost in thought. This happens quite often as I pretty much never run with an ipod. I am forced to be alone with my own thoughts. I thought about all that I have accomplished this year and started to feel some regrets. I wondered if maybe I would be faster if I had ran cross country or track in high school. I started wishing I had drank less beer in college, partied a little less and ran a little more. I went down this track for about 5 minutes when literally out of no where a little voice said to me "are you kidding me?!?!" At that moment years of regrets went out of my head.

Maybe if I ran cross country or track in high school I'd be burned out from running and wouldn't even be a runner right now. Maybe if I ran more in college I would have gotten injured and again not be running now. There are a million and one things that happen in your life that you can either look at as regrets or you can take the moment to realize that every decision helped you to get to where you are today. If you are proud of where you are, then why live with any regrets? I am exactly where I am and am accomplishing the things I am because I didn't run in high school(other than randoms runs with friends) and because I did choose drinking and hanging out in college rather than focusing on a sport(though I did run cross country my senior year). If I had always ran these times, if I had never gained 35lbs after high school, I wouldn't appreciate the way I feel/look/run now. I'm a better person now. A work always in progress. From this day forward whether a decision is the *right one* or the *wrong one* I will be living with no regrets.

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