Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My First Yasso 800's

Since I'm new in town (read: desperate to meet people) and am tired of being in the back of the pack, I made time in my schedule to meet up with a running group this evening that puts on free track workouts. (Yes - FREE COACHES! Austin is a runner's dream!)

After a mile or so warm-up run to the "track*," and a few shuffles here and there to prepare the rest of the muscles, Coach announced we'd be running Yasso 800's: Select your marathon goal time and run approximately a half mile using that number.  Say you want to run a 5 hour marathon: run your 800 in 5 minutes.  4 1/2 hour marathon goal?  4:30 minute 800.

This was my first time and I really enjoyed it...in a sadomasochistic kind of way.  We did four and I managed to pull out an average of 4:14.  Guess that means a 4 hour 14 minute marathon**, and if it can be applied to half-marathons, a 2 hour 7 minute goal time.  Since I'm aiming for a 2:11 next month at San Antonio's Rock and Roll Half, I think I'll make time for next Tuesday track practice too!

Has anyone else tried the Yasso 800?  What were your results?

*Doh!  The Junior High we planned on running at had a school football game, so we ran the roller-coaster street behind it.

**Considering my one and only marathon was WELL beyond the 6 hour mark, I should be skeptical.  Of course, I have come a long way since then...literally!


morgan said...

Those sound crazy -- but fun. I've heard of them, but forgot to try them out. Maybe after this marathon training -- next time!

renae said...

I joined a running group after my first half back in March. I just ran my second and cut 5 minutes off my time!! Those track workouts are HARD but they work!!