Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grand Dad ran me in!

I ran a 10 K today out of Camp Lejeune. Around the 5 1/2 mile mark I was getting a bit fatigued and bored. Just then, another runner caught up with me and struck up a conversation....nothing big, just a bit of chit-chat. He was a bit older than me but I had no idea his age. He got me throught the final stretch. As we crossed the finish line at the exact same time the staff was shouting happy birthday to him. I turned and asked, "Wow! Is it really your birthday? How young are you?" His answer...................................SEVENTY FIVE!! What an inspiration! I was so impressed. They handed him a water which he insisted that I have first. A true gentleman. I was so happy for him.......but I really need to speed up!!


Crumbs said...

Awesome - love it!
And don't let those "Masters" fool you! They aren't slow chickens!!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome intersection of space and time! And how lucky you were to be in the right place to experience it!