Friday, October 10, 2008

Ahem, I am a Mommy Runner

Wheww, ok move stuff done, Hurricane Ike leaving us without power for 12 days done, 3 weeks of poison ivy all over my body- prohibiting runs and any exercise done. I'm ready to get going. I'm watching the other Mommies in the morning and have asked one to run with me next week. I feel like I'm in the 10th grade looking for a new friend. Wish me luck. I need a running Mommy real close by. No Army comfortable shoe to put on and find other runners. I'm in the real world now and must step up literally and figuratively....


channelmarker said...

I sooo get what you are saying. I am in a new area too and desperately need to find a dependable running mommy partner. It is nearly depressing at times.

Crumbs said...

Yikes! What a month!
I'm in your (running) shoes, too!
Good luck and it can only be easier days from here on out for you!