Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Improving with Age

So my mind may be slowing, but my body is speeding up! I ran the Portsmouth Red Hook/Runner's Alley 5k last Sunday, and I kicked butt! About four and a half years ago, Adam and I ran a 10k together. I thought I did awesome then! Well, now that I'm practically 38, I broke my personal record:

535 (out of 1529)
42 out of 262 in my gender/age division
total time: 25:57
pace: 8:22 minutes a mile.

In just two short years, I'm in a new age division (and a "master's" runner. Yuck!), which means I might actually start to really kick some ass. Right now, my age division is 30 to 39, so I'm competing against those youngsters. When I'm running in the 40 to 49 year olds, I'll be the young 'un!

My half marathon is this weekend. I have a terrible time pacing myself on longer races--I tend to go out too hard and then sputter out at the end. I haven't quite figured out what my pace should be, although for 13.1 miles, I'm hoping to average a 9:45 to 10 minute a mile pace. Wish me luck!


Teri G. said...

Congrats! yo go Girl, you did great time, that is what I love about running its the only sport that you can get better at with age! Enjoy your high. To keep your pace for longer runs you should try the Galloway Method. Running for a few minutes (anywhere from 3 - 12) and then walking one minute. If you have never tried it, it really works and you actually run faster times than if you ran straight. Good Luck,
Teri G.

Kimberly said...

Not to change the subject, but I still love the look of your own blog site! The pictures go great together. Nice effect! Oh, and great pace time. I successfully completed 4 miles today in 1 hour. Yup! 15 minute miles! I am the queen (of being a worse runner than when I started running! But who's complainin'?)

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

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