Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Hydration Rules

I never knew there was such a prominent link between being “a little bit” thirsty and having a BAD run.

But experts now say that if you are more than two percent dehydrated on a warm day, your performance goes down, down, down.

Here’s what to do to stay on top of it:

1) drink first: The rule of thumb is 8-16 ounces an hour or two before a run.

2) go cold: It’s a fact that the colder the beverage, the lower your body temperature goes, and therefore you can exercise longer. So opt for ice water before your run, and take a little extra with you in case you keep on going :)

3) be consistent: Here’s an interesting thought. While you are running (or biking, treading, etc) set your watch to beep every 15 minutes in order to rehydrate. Taking a few sips at frequent intervals avoids stomach sloshing. (I had the worst experience with this during my last race!)

4) just swish: If you can’t stand to swallow a sugary drink, new research says that swishing it around in your mouth can trick your brain into thinking it’s rehydrating! But beware, for runs over a half hour, try to find a drink you can swallow because although you may trick your brain temporarily, it ain’t stupid!

I hope these hydration tips gave you something to think about. Happy sipping!

For more info: Runners World

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