Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dust off the runner's journal

Greetings Running Mommies! Running weather here in Houston got better. I was having to wear long sleeves the last few weeks which necessitated pulling out a race t'shirt from my last marathon- NY in 2003- 9 months after my 3d child. I had a 4th child in 2006 and started training for a marathon and once I got to mile 15 of a training run just lost the oomph. Now I feel silly wearing t'shirts from a 2003 race and wonder if these 46 year old knees have another one in me? I've put feelers out to my other running Mommies that Marine Corps next October 30th is looking like a go. That gets me thinking maybe just maybe I could actually train for a time and not just finishing alive. I am from Boston, do need to run it, and am running out of years and knees. This sent me to the Garmin Forerunner to really figure out my heart rate, time, pace, and distance. It is in a box on the counter. Must get to it!

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