Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aerobars For My Stroller

I recently learned about "Healthy Handles" which attach to your jogging stroller. I am totally psyched to try them out. I think these could really help all the 6-ish foot tall dads trying to run with a stroller too. I already try to run with a light touch and I am not all that tall, but I am wondering, will these solve any of these problems:

1. When it is really hot out, sweat drips off my elbows, but since my husband is taller, it runs down his forearms and slimes up the stroller's handlebar.

2. Flats and downhills are fine, but I am bent over at the waist going up hill.

3. My left pointer-finger knuckle is stressed from generally holding my handlebar palms-down.

4. My single stroller doesn't really track in a straight line.

5. It is frustrating when my shoulders fatigue before my legs.

Check back to see how it goes!

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