Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marine Corps Marathon Finishers Videos

Today I feel like I ran a marathon. It always takes two days for the soreness to really kick in for me. Yesterday I was a tad sore but it was similar to what I would have felt after a hard 10K. This morning I'm walking around feeling 30 years older. I have heard from numerous different people that taking a bath in epsom salt helps to relieve soreness after racing. I then saw on Ryan Hall's blog that he takes them - I figured if it's good enough for him then it must be good enough for me! So I gave it a try this morning. I don't know if my soreness is improved or if it's a mental thing but I certainly feel better after a warm bath.

If you haven't checked out your finish video then click here. I think it's so cool watching yourself moments before you cross the line.

How is everyone else feeling today????


morgan said...

I am a little more stair-worthy today. Maybe running by tomorrow. The video is very cool -- I was on the far side, but there I was, passing people! I did run a better marathon. The time matters less than how I felt. Yes, my quads hurt and my stomach knotted up, but I kept a steady pace, didn't need to walk, and even was able to speed up for the last two miles. I did 3:57:04 (my watch; 3:58:44 on the chip; gun was 4:04:02). I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. Now I can go back to half-marathons and 10 milers for a while.

Crumbs said...

Congrats on your run and welcome to the blog! It's really enjoyable reading about your marathon prep and run. Since I can't run yet, I'm living vicariously through your experiences (...and totally fantasizing about going at your pace!!)

I'm not sure about salt baths, i'm totally hooked on post-race ice baths. But really, who can turn down a hot bath?