Monday, July 20, 2009

Stroller Reviews

I realized the other day that I've been running long enough with a jogging stroller that neither of the models that I own and use are available anymore. The Kelty Joyrider has been replaced by the Speedster and Dreamer Design is simply out of business. Furthermore, while I've found success running with both of my strollers, neither is ideal for shopping, traveling, etc.

There is a new website that is off to a fabulous start at providing comprehensive reviews of a wide variety of stroller types. The majority of reviews are for casual use strollers at this time, but they are just getting off the ground! You can't purchase strollers from this site, but I think that is better since you know you are getting an honest opinion from someone who actually uses the stroller being reviewed, rather than from someone who is trying to sell it to you. After reading many of the reviews posted to date, I can say that I generally agree with their Pros and Cons for each stroller that I am familiar with. I've added some comments where I felt it to be useful.

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