Sunday, July 05, 2009

Moms Who Rock

In exploring the wide world of the internet, I've stumbled upon some amazing tales: Not just blogs by women who run half-marathons mid-way through pregnancy or enter triathlons just weeks after giving birth; I mean, women who constantly explore their roles as mothers and athletes, who wrestle with balancing healthy bodies & healthy body images. Frankly, there are a lot of moms who rock out there who are pretty inspiring. This is why I'd like to introduce a weekly feature highlighting some of these women: Moms Who Rock.

This week's Mom Who Rocks:

This dreamcrossed twilight tracks the adventures of one woman who doesn't lose her identity as a Runner throughout the many weeks of pregnancy. She's at 35 weeks now and still logs at least 20 miles weekly (including a 10 mile run). This new mother-to-be deals honestly with her fears of loss-of-identity, struggles with body image and the logistics of actually exercising with an ever growing belly.


Anonymous said...

What a determined spirit!

Anonymous said...

No one finds this just a little bit unrealistic? Well, just wait until she has that baby! I'd like to see her log 28 miles a week after that. Truly yours, the insanely jealous. P.S. While you can, honey, keep on rockin'!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I think that's the magic of first pregnancies, don't you? Anything and everything is possible...and for some women, it really is. Last year a new mother of a nine month old won...WON...the NYC marathon.