Sunday, May 24, 2009

Running in the rain and other thoughts

Great day in Houston, TX. Went for a run with my husband and dog. It just poured on us. Made me know why I married him in the first place. We were only a mile 1/2 from home and I knew he wanted to just run through it. I was already soaked and agreed to keep going. He just beamed. Our runs are the only real "dates" we have but we've been doing it for 15 years now. I can never seem to get the energy to leave the kids and make plans for a night out, but running is just so effortless and he and the dog always want to go. I know all the books say we need "date night" - they're not wrong, but hard for me to fit in. When our 2 year old is older maybe we'll get more traditional. For now we're so happy to have the time for a run. Happy Memorial Day. God Bless the fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and others who gave their lives for our freedom. God Bless the families that must carry on. You're not forgotten.

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Crumbs said...

Some of my most intimate friendships have developed while running - something about the endorphins makes everyone more loving. How special that you can enjoy this with the man you love!! That's quality time and a blessing!