Monday, May 04, 2009

Perspective on the Mommy only gym

Howdy Running Moms: I've been going to the mommy only gym for about a month now. My daughter no longer likes the child care and it is much too crowded for my liking. We're back to looking for a good gym that includes Dads and Sons. The thing I did notice was that there is a lot more eye contact and smiling going on with all women. There were also all shapes, sizes, and ages there. They also try to sell a lot of stuff at the front of the store and really push it. Men do not shop at the gym I'm sure. The price was amazing though-- $10.00 a month after only a $50.00 sign up fee. The gym we're looking at now is $70.00 a month and you pay for child care. The paid child care place is immaculate and not crowded. There were a few comments on my last email so I'll clarify here. Our whole family works out all the time. We love to exercise and it is a mainstay of who we are as a family. My 13 year old has figured out that she is much happier after exercise and it boosts her mental acumen to do homework. My 10 year old plays two sports and lives in the pool the rest of the time. Our 6 year old is an avid biker and on the swim team as well as just plain busy being 6. Our 2 year old is well on her way to a lifetime of fitness too. I guess for me this whole issue of women's only fitness is mine. My husband needs a place to do swim laps too so we'll be shopping for a gym. No free military gyms for us anymore, we've joined the civilian ranks and paying to work out.

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