Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Cold to Run?

The handbrake on my jogging stroller seems to be frozen until the temp reaches about 35 deg F.
Is this a sign that
a) it is too cold to run?
b) it is too cold to run hills?
c) I should stop being a wimp by using the brake to go slower downhill?

Cast your vote here :)


Crumbs said...

you brave brave soul.
i'm cold just reading this.

channelmarker said...

I say none of the above. I have been sooooo desperate to find someone to exercise with since I moved that I headed out Friday at 27 degrees with the single jogger because I found someone who agreed to go. I was afraid to wimp out and potentially lose a long term exercise buddy. "YOU CAN DO IT!!" (From Napoleon Dynamite!)