Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year New Run

Happy New Year All:

I woke up New Years Day and realized it was time for another long run. I've weaned the 4th baby and am ready for a challenge, but something has been holding me back and I now know what it is.

I need new running clothes. The old stuff is really worn out. Most of it was worn during two pregnancies where I wore the stuff too long and stretched it out. It has all been washed too many times and just looks ugly and makes me feel ugly. With 4 kids I rarely spend money on stuff for me, but I really need new clothes and the requisite new running shoes. Ok budget here comes the line item for Mommy sanity.

I'm going to run the Kentucky Derby Marathon in Louisville, KY. I have a friend who is running it and it is always fun to train together even if this will be virtual.

So, if you are wondering if something is holding you back. Think about apparel and running shoes to start you off. This is a surprise to me. I'll keep you posted.

Part of my reluctance is that I HATE to shop and online fitting is tough. I even hate trying it on when I'm at the store.


S. Kimzey Daniels said...

I, too, am an extremely reluctant and impatient shopper. People always say that shopping relieves stress. What?! How?!
Good luck in the selection of your new LOOK AT ME! I COULD KICK YOUR BUTT! ensemble.

morgan said...

I do most of my shopping online. I also hate shopping and trying on clothes. I've learned what brands fit me well and I stick with them. Fitting is not always reliable --but my sanity is saved. Have you tried Road Runner Sports?

ArleneWKW said...

I'm not much of a shopper when it's something I need and I'm at my current size. When I was a size ten, I enjoyed buying clothes, especially on sale, if it was not a "have to" purchase.

noelle said...

I am sitting here knowing that the exercise portion is lacking in my life. You are inspiring me to make the time for it. Mommy Sanity for sure!