Thursday, January 26, 2006


I was at my post-Harry's-bedtime book club meeting tonight when asked if I had baby pictures. Nope. But I had my phone! Lots on there. I started wondering, is it weird that this is the only place I carry photos? I don't really carry a wallet. The phone is always with me. It makes sense to I the only one that shares photos this way?
Also, what's the deal with the new Wal-Mart ads? They seem to be targeting a new audience, namely: me! I'm a Target shopper, but Wal-Mart's new ads show a thirtiesh woman at home with a baby and another on a treadmill with an "Ipod." I suddenly feel the need to start buying things at Wal-Mart. Am I just a sucker for savvy marketing?
Also, I think my husband has picked up a pseudonym: Kristopher Kaiyala. Or do all men have issues with allowing toddlers to self-feed yogurt?


The MOM said...

Oh, I never have pictures on my wallet. I pull out my cell phone and let people squint at the 2x4-inch screen. I used to feel guilty, until I realized that most of my friends were the same way. Today, I think it's mostly grandmothers that have mini photo albums in their purses.

Kimberly said...

I think you are right about that!

Mamabalaya said...

All mine are on my pocket pc. I can do a mean slide show! But, I will admit to a nice rotating display in my office (just to remind folks that there is a reason I don't work evenings, weekends and leave work on time...)