Thursday, December 29, 2005

Running Away from Home

Last Saturday, I went for a run with another mom friend. Running with her was great, but the run itself felt treacherous--the sidewalks were coated with ice and we ended up running on a fairly busy street (I live in a 'burb of Boston and the weather has been nasty). The run felt physically great (she pushed me to an 11:11 mile for 5 miles, which is much faster than I generally go), but it wasn't the catharthic run I like. I have to say, lately there haven't been a lot of cathartic runs. My runs have felt like obligations, something I need to do in order to just meet a bare minimum to keep my sanity and to keep myself from putting weight on (to really lose this pregnancy weight, I'm going to have to add weight work, but ha ha ha ha! Like that will ever happen).

Yesterday, I had my perfect run. I'm on vacation in my hometown, which is warm and tropical. I left both kids with my family, popped on my ipod (oh how I worship my ipod! It keeps "Toot Toot Chugga Chugga" out of my head"), and took off. Running here means water. And there is nothing I find as soothing as water, a trait I apparently passed on to Doodles who can't let a fountain, pool, or water bubbler pass his notice. Listening to a shuffle mix, my mind was able to truly wander instead of thinking, "How will I get Doodles and Sweetie Pie to music class on time and I've got to remember to drop off the library books and I need to pay the bills this morning..." The way was flat (my own neighborhood runs are hilly) and I kept pushing myself to go just a little bit faster (and I did close to a 10:30 mile--I know these numbers aren't impressive to most runners out there, but for me, it's a feat!). Those runs are magical and they're so rare. It's like running in the middle of a Jimmy Buffet song.

By the way, a word to the wise for those planning future vacations: For those of you planning a trip with a two year old... don't! In fact I hear my two year old stirring from his nap. Which is my cue to head out on another run....


SeeLolaRun said...

OH GOD I HAVE TOOT TOOT CHUGGA CHUGGA IN MY HEAD TOO@!!!##@$)(thank hevans we can use the POD to shut off the brain!)

Kimberly said...

Yeah...I have Toot Toot Chugga Chugga in my head too now...but I can't wait to get back from "vacation" to put some Buffet on my Ipod and RUN RUN RUN!!!
They really should market Ipods to more moms. It would be a great strategy.